Red cars swarming!

I was innocently in Newmarket, Suffolk, buying a stock of Powter’s sausages (the best in the world) and was tempted by some sausagemeat to stuff the Christmas turkey with, and also some chipolata sausages for Christmas and new year breakfast… we went back to the car laden with our booty (my cousin had also bought sausages, and sausagemeat and rib-eye steak for her electrician, Steve) when we saw an alarming sight! A swarm of red cars! She has a new red car and obviously the others were attracted by the redness! I had to take a picture, and just as I did a woman approached and looked at me suspiciously. I tried to explain about the swarming red cars but to no avail… one of them was hers! I jumped in my cousin’s red car and we sped away to Saffron Walden, safe in Essex.




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