Drama on Christmas Day in Uphill

Because we live by the sea and on a coastline that has dangerous sinking sand and mud, fast tides and dangerous currents, we are used to seeing activity in the air but usually it is the sea-rescue helicopter we see hovering overhead.

There are not many sailors or yachties who get themselves into difficulty, it is mostly people who go out from the beach to try to cross the dangerous muddy river bed of the Axe to get to Brean Down, the last tail of the Mendip Hills sticking out into the sea, or  even more stupid, to walk across to Wales… what? Yes, it’s seven miles or more and there is sea between us and them which never goes out that far, and even if it did there is the mighty River Severn sweeping out into the channel. Then of course there are the stupid folk, usually in big cars who think the signs ‘NO PARKING BEYOND THIS POINT – DANGER – SINKING SAND AND MUD’,  does not apply to them and drive out and sink up to their axles and beyond; it’s expensive, at least £500 to get towed out, and more if they have to be rescued by the coastguard or helicopter.

Yesterday we heard the sound of a helicopter and all rushed outside to see it hovering over the ruins of St Nicholas church up on the hill. There is a quarry just beyond the graveyard and people occasionally try to climb up the rock face and get into difficulties. We also have several care homes nearby and sometimes their residents wander off. Eventually the helicopter flew away, but by this time there was a police car up on the hill and we could see a police man-officer (quote from ‘Hot Fuzz’) He seemed to be searching the church and graveyard but whether he found anything or anyone I guess we’ll have to wait for the Weston Mercury to tell us!

Police helicopter


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