Carter Wood

Several years ago I went to a couple of wonderful Kevin Montgomery and the Road Trippers gigs, and supporting them was an amazing young singer called Carter Wood. She comes from Louisville in Kentucky, and as support she gave a stunning performance. I bought her cd, ‘Unspoken’, and I still play it from time to time, and never tired of hearing it. Carter played an acoustic set and the cd has other musicians backing her, but her haunting voice is just magic. I like songs which have some sort of narrative and her songs tell stories.

Track Listings

1. You Always Say
2. Turned Away
3. Nowhere’s Too Far
4. Pretty Girls Drink for Free
5. Strange Love
6. That Feeling
7. One Last Look
8. Here Is My Heart
9. Someone Else
10. Ever Get Around to It
11. Alabama Rain

I wonder if she still plays and records? I hope she does, she is so talented.


    1. Lois

      I must try again because I only could find her from several years ago… she is just so talented and so lovely. She stood next to me at the bar at one of the gigs and I was brave enough to tell her how much I admired her songs and her singing. She was so sweet and gracious.


  1. Joanna

    I look for her from time to time (that’s how I found this blog post) and have not found any sign of her in years. I think “Unspoken” is such a great CD.


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