Feather name 2

I wrote previously about feather names, from the Irish  ainm cleite; pen-names, noms de plume, noms de guerre, pseudonyms… all ways of concealing a writer’s real name.

I imagined trying to create a feather name and came up with some pretty silly ideas using the pin in the directory and pin in the map method. However, when I thought about it later, I, and many of you have other names we use. I use my actual name on my blog, but if I was to write a second one, I would want a different name. Maybe I would choose the name I use on Raul Malo’s forum – Loco, a nickname from childhood, or Loco Loco another forum name, or my twitter name Locoimloco… Or maybe I would choose a new blog name to go with the content of my blog which is quite sensible as it gives a clue what I would be writing about.

If I decided to write a completely different type of novel, or poems, or a non-fiction book, maybe I would want a different name which would become associated with this other work and not my fiction. I’m a woman but should I choose a male name, just for a change, or because I like the name… I like the name Rohan for example, and Louis, which is quite like my name anyway. Should I choose a name from a different culture? I think Mandikini is such a pretty name but it seems to go with a petite, elegant, whirlwind of a little person… and I’m certainly not that! Or should I just adopt initials, like J.K. Rowling did.

Maybe I should pick a person from my family history Thamar Blanden, Christian Colbron, Maria Rippington Carey? Daniel Atton?  Annetta Beddington – or her relation Roxy Beddington? Jana Chary? There are so many wonderful names! Montague Handyside or his brother Ronald Elphinstone Handyside? How about Temperance Potter? Yes, really. Jesse James Taulbut…

New Agers choose (or are given) ‘natural’ names so maybe I should think of natural things which are meaningful to me… willow, crow, jackdaw, primrose, fish… nothing suggests itself here… Jack Daw Riverwater? I think not.

I have been a little frivolous here, but I think it is worth considering what I might use as another name if I did start writing differently.

.. any suggestions?


  1. anneb54

    My thoughts would be to choose one that is easy to type. Some words flow easily from my fingers, and others always trip me up. (‘People’ is one, ‘original’ another.) So, given all the times we need to type our names, I would find it very frustrating to have to always correct my spelling!

    By the way, as a someone who collects feathers, and loves drawing them, the idea of “feather names” makes me smile.


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