Dock of the bay…

I was just looking through my pictures and I came across this one of the pier at Portishead; there is a great big tanker moving downstream out of the Severn estuary out into the Bristol Channel. No doubt it has come from Avonmouth, the big dockland area near Bristol where the River Avon flows into the Severn. This River Avon, by the way, isn’t the Stratford-upon-Avon river; there are many rivers of that name, it comes from the Celtic word for river, afon in Welsh,  abhainn in Irish and Scots Gaelic. When the Romans arrived in Britain they wanted to know the local names of things, but when they pointed at a river and asked what it was and the local people replied afon/abhainn meaning river, the silly old Romans thought that was its name! So River Avon actually means River River!

In the photo, the pier sticks out into the water and people are fishing on the end of it; I wonder if they caught anything, the tide was going out so maybe the fish were going out with it. We get salmon in these waters, but I don’t know if anyone catches any in this area!

I didn’t think it at the time when I took the picture, but looking at the photo now I couldn’t help but be reminded of Otis Redding, sitting on the dock of the bay…

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