What a funny thing

There are all sorts of strange things in woodlands, all sorts of growths, and fungi and odd shaped peculiar things. No wonder woodlands feature so much in Tolkien. While in Ireland last year we visited Dark Hedges near Armoy, now that really is an atmospheric place, I’m sure in some lights it would be benign and mystical… in fact while we were there a bride and her groom were having their wedding photos taken beneath the arching trees, but I can imagine at certain times of day, dawn and dusk in particular, it would take on a whole other sinister atmosphere.

Thank goodness the sun is shining...
Thank goodness the sun is shining…

I have created a fictional wood, a very old forest, part of the ancient woodlands of old Britain, Camel Wood. In some books characters just drive through it on the way from Easthope to Castair, in ‘The Stalking of Rosa Czekov’ there were trysts beneath the trees, but also accidents… lives were put at risk! In my next novel, Camel Wood is a major setting. the story starts there; the wood itself is a mysterious and secret place where very strange things happen, old elements are awake, magick lives, and maybe wild men, wodewoses, green men, and even Pan himself, still walk.

Recently I saw this strange thing in a silver birch… I wonder what it si? part of the tree like a canker? Or some sort of parasite?

DSCF2462 (2)
What a funny thing!

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