Axbridge (2)

You can guess from the name that this Somerset town has the River Axe flowing nearby. It is such a pretty little town, I am surprised it’s not in constant use as a film set! Many of the buildings are totally unspoiled and in a very good state of repair. This area has been inhabited since earliest times, Cheddar Man, who lived just up the road, died in about 7150BC – yes, BC,  so he was probably hunting and fishing here over nine thousand years ago! The Romans were very active in the area, mining for minerals including lead up on the nearby hills, then probably using the River Axe to transport the ore to the coast. By 910AD it was called Axanbrycg the Saxon name for the town.

ax snow1 (11)

ax snow1 (10)

ax snow1 (9)

ax snow1 (7)
The half-timbered building on the corner is King John’s Hunting Lodge; he granted the town a Royal Charter in 1202. The building is now the town museum


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