Exciting news coming soon…

I’m on the very last lap of revising and editing ‘Night Vision’ and will soon be able to give you a date of publication!

The genesis of this story was a good while ago when my cousins and I went on our first family holiday together at the Ebenezer Chapel in Derbyshire; there were three generations of our family who spent a wonderful week together, and my cousins and I were the middle generation. Now we are the older generation and grandchildren come with us too. The Ebenezer Chapel had been converted to  holiday accommodation with enough room for all of us and it was a wonderful old building.

It was set into an old quarry and from the upper floors at the back the outlook was at the cliff face; growing out of the cliff was a stunted tree… which looked extraordinary and stayed with me for months after we left the chapel and returned home from our holiday. The tree growing out of the cliff face was going to have to feature in a novel, but how?

The only way such a tree could be seen was at a height where the viewer was on the same level… in Ebenezer we were in a building… but how else could anyone see such a thing? Climbing a tree in an old quarry of course… and that is what my heroine Beulah does! That is the start of my novel ‘Night Vision’, of Beulah climbing a tree. her life has changed dramatically as she and Neil, her husband of nearly twenty-five years have moved from Manchester to the small coastal town of Easthope. They have suffered a crisis in their marriage, but they love each other and want to have a new start; however returning to Easthope is not as easy for Neil as he hoped, and doesn’t offer Beulah the new start she wants. Strangers come into their lives, and secrets are revealed… but I won’t say any more, I don’t want to spoil the surprise!


  1. Carl D'Agostino

    Publication. I understand the anticipation. After a far to long gestation birth finally arrives. I have mot been successful with cartoons because all the publishers are geared to text and the reformatting for image to word to upload is a complicated nightmare.So I may merely go to a printer to do it and sell myself. They will produce 100 page images, glossy front and backcover with excellent binding for a mere $3.50 paperback minimum 100 order.


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