The Green Olive… you have to visit!

Sometimes you come across a place which is just really perfect; such a place is the Green Olive, a lovely restaurant beside the River Parrett in Bridgwater. We drifted in one lunchtime – drifted into the restaurant, not the River Parrett, and it was a cool, calm, peaceful place. A waitress stood at the back by the bar chatting to a couple of people but as soon as we stepped in the door she glanced at us with a welcoming smile.

It was nearly empty apart from another couple as it was rather late, but even so, there was a pleasant atmosphere, a comfortable atmosphere. As soon as we had sat, the waitress came over with menus and olives… mmm, Ilike this place already! We ordered drinks and then had the difficult decision of what to chose from the mouth-watering selection on offer. For example, the cold meze selection included patlican soslu –    fried aubergine, with tomatoes, peppers, garlic and herbs,   kisir  –  couscous salad with spices and herbs,   –  rice stuffed vine leaves  with herbs and pine kernel, pilaki –  Turkish brown beans with carrots,  onion, green peppers and garlic, and chicken meze with  green pepper, onion,  parsley, vegetable oil, steamed chicken and lemon juice. There were some delicious sounding hot meze, including grilled haloumi, borek – those yummy little filo pastries stuffed with fetta cheese  and spinach, and sucuk izgara which is a spicy sausage, and then my husband’s choice of  arnavut ciger   fried lamb liver with red onion & parsley & salad. I just had to go for the mixed meze as I couldn’t decide!

Our first impressions of a lovely place were confirmed by the lovely food which arrived quickly but without us feeling hurried because it was so late. Our lunch continued with kebabs and yummy accompaniments. Everything looked beautiful, and everything tasted beautiful, and when I suddenly had an annoying cough because I swallowed an olive, a glass of iced water magically appeared on the table for me.

If you ever go to Bridgwater… go and visit the Green Olive… you’ll have a fabulous meal!

bridgy feb (2)
Looking across the river to the restaurant, next to the blue building

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