I’m never bored!

When I decided to finish work, my boss very kindly talked to me about my future… wouldn’t I be bored without any work to do? I would be on a much smaller income and not be able to go out and about as I had previously, wouldn’t I be bored?

Bored? Bored? Bored? I have to say I am never bored… some things are boring, mostly domestic chores, but I am never actually bored… waiting for a train or in the doctor’s surgery? Not bored. A miserable wet day? Not bored. Standing in an endless queue for something? Not bored.

I remember being bored as a child… particularly those long Sunday afternoons, I remember being bored when visiting elderly relatives and being quiet while they exchanged adult news with my parents… so I have been bored in my life, and I have had boring jobs… but now, I can honestly say I am never bored!

Because I now spend a lot of my time writing, my mind is always active, and when I’m not writing, I’m doing something else; maybe it is something pleasant like going for a walk, or being out and about with my camera, or meeting friends, or cooking. Maybe it is doing domestic chores, waiting for a train, standing in a queue, but I can think about things, and look at what’s around me. Maybe it is being in a place, a café maybe, or a pub, or a bookshop, waiting for someone, where I can look around and observe other people or wildlife outside the window, or bits and pieces about the place, pictures, photos on the walls… or if all is bare, then I have plenty going on inside my head. I can think about the book I’m writing, the book I’m editing, the story I might be going to write… or maybe a whole new idea pops into my mind from nowhere in particular.

If I’m at home and all of the chores are  done (haha! That’s a laugh, but maybe if they are sufficiently done…) and I don’t want to write then maybe there is a book I want to read, a TV programme I want to watch, something on the radio, a CD I want to listen to… there is always something to do!

So, unlike the young lady in my lesson who wrote a book about how boring my lesson was and how bored she was, I am never bored!


  1. midihideaways

    Hi Lois, thank you for following my blog – I’ve just noticed that I have you as a new follower, I’m sorry if this is a little belated! I loved your article about not being bored. Like you, I’ve had boring jobs, but now there is never any time, always something to do!! Keep writing!


  2. anneb54

    I agree. It is a concept that is foreign to me — even more so now that I am blogging. I often write blogs in my head about things that I am seeing or doing. I may not use them, but they keep me occupied!


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