Socks off, shorts on!

Usually, when we get home from our family Easter holiday, the weather is beginning to change and I can abandon socks and shoes and give my feet and toes an airing wearing sandals. My legs come out of hiding and I put on my shorts and let the sun and wind get to my skin. As kids we were expected to be hardy, at junior school girls weren’t allowed trousers  and I’m not sure we were allowed long socks even in the depths of winter… even the boys at secondary school had to wear short until they were 15! At secondary school we were allowed to wear stockings (not tights in those days) otherwise, socks… and as for doing games in divided skirts in the middle of winter with snow on the ground… it doesn’t bear thinking of and kids would riot these days if they weren’t able to wear tracksuits! So in those days, when spring came we welcomed the slightest warmth on our goose pimply legs…

So I do generally start wearing shorts and sandals early, and only give up at the end of October. This year it is only today that I have been out and about in my sandals and shorts, and even then the top half of me had jumper and coat on, and coat zipped right up!

started my blog

This is how I like to enjoy the weather!

glacier gal!Not like this!!


  1. Val Mills

    Well into autumn here and many are still wearing shorts and sandals, in spite of the rain. We’re enjoying the sunshine before winter really hits.


    1. Lois

      Does it get very cold, Val, or just dreary and miserable? Remind me of where you and and I’ll look up your weather in the newspaper each day – it’s a little thing I do, check the weather in parts of the world which I have a connection with!


      1. Val Mills

        New Zealand 🙂 not far from Wellington. Gets snowy cold in the south, cold enough for frosts here, but often sunny days after. Not too bad compared with what I see on TV elsewhere.


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