I love aubergines!

There is something wonderful about the glossy black shininess of aubergines, smooth, and perfectly shaped, I always want to stroke them… but more than that I want to eat them. I just adore them, but I am not very good at cooking them myself.

My favourite dish is melanzane parmigiana…. I have it almost every time I see it on the menu; there is something unctuous about the combination of sauces and meaty aubergine and herby, garlicky yumminess! I have never actually cooked it, but I have an aubergine, I have everything I need, so tonight I am going to cook melanzane parmigiana!!

I am going to make a tomato sauce, and let it cook really slowly so it is full of flavour, I am going to dry fry my slices of aubergine – most people agree that there is no need to salt them any more as the varieties we get in the shops aren’t bitter. I have done this part before and used the slices in salad and they are always perfect and taste lovely. Then I am going to layer it either with cheese or cheese sauce because alack! I have not got any mozzarella, unless by chance the village shop stocks some… I will go and investigate.

I will report back on how it tastes… I’m sure with those ingredients it will be nice, even if it is not quite as good as the ones I have had in restaurants!


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