Uncle Geoff

Uncle Geoff was born in Sculcoates  on August 29th 1926 and died too soon in Hatfield in January 1985. Uncle Geoff was a close fried and maybe boyfriend of my aunty, Audrey. He was a lovely man, the kindest, nicest uncle a child could have but I really know very little about him.

His father was married to a Miss Lund, but who was his father, WilliamGillvray, or Frederick Gillvray? William was married to Dora M Lund, Frederick was married to Rhoda Lund… two brothers married to two sisters? They were both married in Sculcoates in Yorkshre.

The Lunds sound a grand Yorkshire family; the name suggest to me that there must have been Scandinavian ancestry at some point, but in 1911, Mr Joseph Lund, North Eastern Railway Station Master, aged 56 was living with his wife of 39 years, Mary and his children, Hilda, Dora, Rhoda, Olive and Gertrude. Poor Mary had given birth to 16 children, five of whom had died. Joseph was born in Shiptonthorpe East Yorkshire, and Mary in Wawne, also  in East Yorkshire. They had sons Walter, Sidney, Reginald, Joseph, John, George, Ernest and Harold, and three other daughters, Emily Isabel and Alice who married a Mr Haglund.

The Gillvrays have been more mysterious to track down and I am struggling to find any details of either Frederick or William’s births, or in the census material although I can find records of their deaths. I think their father was Martin Gillvray and their mother was Mary, and they, like the Lunds were Yorkshire people. I think Frederick and Rhoda were Geoffrey’s parents and they gave him the middle name of Brian.

Uncle Geoff was an only child and he never married nor had any children, which was such a shame because he would have made a great dad. He made the little house in the featured image and it is named Alfie’s Villa… Alfie was a little creature, maybe a monkey who Geoff invented to keep us children amused on car journeys. Geoff was a big blond, smiley man and at our family Christmas parties it was always strange that when Santa visited with a big bag of presents for us, Uncle Geoff had always just popped out for a moment, and when Santa left to visit other children, Geoff always reappeared!!!


  1. Linda Cooper

    That is lovely, I never knew him. The Gillvrays were my Dad’s mothers side of the family. I will have to run up Ancestry and have a closer look.


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