The Viceroy, Dunkeswell

Meeting friends is always enjoyable, and going out for a meal is a great way to do that, and then to go to a really nice restaurant and have a really good meal – especially if it is a curry, then that must be the best of all!

We met our friends in Devon and we went to a restaurant which you no doubt have guessed is called the Viceroy in a little place called Dunkeswell. We walked in to an elegant and interesting dining room, simple décor with most unusual pictures on the wall. The one hung beside where we sat was on silk and looked as if it was appliqué and it was locally made in Glastonbury by a real artist, not churned out in some factory making reproductions.There were nice touches, for example on a small table by the entrance from the bar area was a large shallow dish covered with a mirror mosaic which reflect light in patterns onto the ceiling, like the reverse of a mirror globe in a ballroom!

We sat at a table for four dressed with crisp white napkins folded into a fan, almost like a peacock’s tail and  interestingly shaped and nice heavy cutlery. The staff was friendly, polite and soon we had drinks and were looking at the intriguing menu. The cuisine was Bangladeshi but there were favourite dishes from all across the Indian sub-continent.  I knew from experience that I wouldn’t be able to manage a starter and a main dish, so regretfully I just chose a main, a Ceylon curry… I love very hot food but I like it to have flavour, and sometimes it is hot without flavour so I went for a two-chilli rated curry.

It was an interesting menu:

There were all the lovely things you would expect, bhunas and baltis, passandas and tikkas,   but there were things like Bangladeshi fish dishes, Pangash Kata Masala and Pangash Kadai, for example. Then moving on to the main courses, Crocodile Tears, Weeping Tiger, Sylheti ‘E’ Garlic and Purple Tiger… good heavens! They sound delicious! I want to eat all of them!

We each had something different, and we each enjoyed our meals… wonderful cooking, wonderful food… we will definitely go back, and next time maybe choose a day when the buffet is open so we can sample lots of different dishes! I can’t wait!

Thank you, Viceroy!

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