Gosh, I’m trendy!

RICER 2I inherited this potato ricer from my mother-in-law; I’m not sure how old it is but wouldn’t be surprised if she had it before the war, so it must be at least seventy years old, if not more. We use it frequently, for toppings to pies and dishes, or just to make mash pretty on our plates.

I was surprised to read in the newspaper today that potato ricers are now the thing to have, every fashionable cook should have one; they feature all the time on cookery shows and competitions… Maybe I set the trend when I wrote about them fourteen months ago!



    1. Lois

      Absolutely! It’s so nice, isn’t it to use things which have been used through previous generations because you can just imagine those people and all the lovely things they must have cooked for the family.


  1. thiswasdinner

    I bought mine a few years ago, it was the last one in the shop & it was a battle between my Dad & I over who could have it. It was a really good price & I’d looked all over for one. I won…my Dad has never let me forget. I love my potatoes this way.


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