My next book by Ingólfsson

I’ve read two books by the Icelandic author Viktor Arnar Ingólfsson, The Flatey Enigma’ and ‘House of Evidence’ and I enjoyed each of them very much, great stories with much information about Iceland and its history subtly woven into the text.

When I have enjoyed a book I always approach the next by the same author with a mixture of anticipation and anxiety in case it isn’t as good, or maybe I should say, in case I don’t enjoy it as much. I am just starting to read ‘Daybreak’ by Ingólfsson and…. and I’m hooked! it opens with a description of a hunter waiting for geese to arrive having set up some decoys in an empty potato field. The description of dawn rising over the lonely mountain side is most evocative, and a tension is created as the man and his dog wait for the birds. He hears them before he sees them but at last they come… but that is not all that arrives!  I’ve only read a couple of chapters but already there are so many intriguing lines of narrative, strong characters, stunning descriptions of the country…. I just know there is much enjoyment ahead!

I was inspired to read Ingólfsson by a wonderful visit to Iceland last year, wanted to read a novel set in the country and chose ‘The Flatey Enigma’ at random intrigued by the title alone (how important titles are!) I read it over a year ago and I think I am going to re-read it, even though I know the who and why of the who-dunnit aspect, but because it gives such an interesting insight into Icelandic myths and legends. I’ll let you know how I enjoy it on a second read!

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