Archaeology… I’m on a course!

I’ve always loved history and read about different aspects of it from being a child. I think if I were going to university now I would choose to study archaeology, but when I did my degree I wanted to study English and was lucky enough to have the opportunity to do a degree where I was able to study history too… but no archaeology!

Now I have started a MOOC (massive open on-line course) run by Brown University on Rhode Island about archaeology; so far I have read articles, and watched videos of lectures, and made a couple of contributions on the forum… being the beginning I’m a little nervous and feeling my way.  So far it’s fascinating, really interesting and is looking at different sites across the world, including Pompeii, Crete, and the Mayan culture as well as a site I had never heard of until I started the course called Göbekli Tepe.

I’m a little anxious because I have various time commitments made long before I signed up for the course, meeting friends and cousins for a few days away, going to gigs, days out with the family… as well as keeping up my blog and working on my next book!

I’m sure as I progress through the course i will post more about what I’ve learned and what I’ve been doing, in the meantime, to use a historic phrase, I’m digging it!


  1. jena

    Excellent! My degrees are in Anthropology which here in the USA encompasses archaeology, unlike in Europe where it is in the Classics department, because your archaeology is so much classier 😉 Texas prehistoric archaeology is the most boring in the world, nothing but burned rocks and weaponry points zzz…. it gets a little better come historic times. But the rest of the world is great! I worked at the archaeology lab at my Uni during grad school and liked it a lot ☺

    I think the burials at Sutton Hoo are one of the most interesting sites ever. Rule Britannia! Not to mention the 10,000 terra cotta warriors of Xian, the Scandi Viking boats, Otsi the Ice man…the past is infinitely entertaining!


    1. Lois

      Jena, we would just get on so famously if we ever managed to get together! I think it is so strange that archaeology over here doesn’t automatically have an anthropological element, fundamental I think! Neolithic weapon points, I find them just fascinating. I love this man:


  2. Nisha

    I’m an Archaeology and Classics major but I regret not doing ordinary History. LOL.
    I’m currently studying to become a teacher but I have to waste a year doing History because Archaeology isn’t considered a school subject! Even funnier still, is that the History course I’m doing is very similar to the Archaeology courses I did years back!
    I envy you because South African archaeology is a bit boring for me. It’s more prehistory and evolution studies(due to our heritage) which can be exciting but I’m more of a cultural history sort of gal 😉


    1. Lois

      Good luck with your studies – I had so many very happy years teaching! What a shame you can’t teach archaeology as a discrete subject.
      I love the prehistoric period… it’s my favourite, so I’d love to explore your ancient history… but yes, I’m a cultural historian too!


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