Children’s stories…still a great read!

I was asked today about which stories I had read as a  child had influenced my writing… hmm, tricky, because ever since I answered, other tales have been popping into my head. I said ‘Treasure Island’ by Robert Louis Stevenson, and ‘Great Expectations’ by Dickens – not really a child’s book but it starts with a child hero.

In today’s paper there was a column by Philip Womack which considered just this, and he mentioned books he still had from his childhood which he still enjoyed reading…. and I thought he had a pretty good list, which I agreed with all bar one which I hadn’t read:

  • The Once and Future King – T.H. White
  • King Arthur and His Knights of the Round Tale – Roger Lancelyn Green
  • Lord of the Rings – J.R.R.Tolkein
  • The Prisoner of Zenda – Anthony Hope (I’d add ‘Rupert of Henzau’ by Hope as well)
  • The Five Children and It – E. Nesbit ( and the other two in the trilogy  ‘The Phoenix and the Carpet’ and ‘The Story of the Amulet’ – I can hardly believe they were written over a hundred years ago)
  • The Scarecrows -Robert Westall (really creepy!)

Of course there are loads of other books, but I was just amused that Philip Womack came up with a list containing so many of my favourites. Now I shall spend a happy time thinking of other favourites!

Oh, and the one on his list I hadn’t read? Albion’s Dream by Roger Norman.

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