Family holiday, Sandsend, day 1

Each year for the last eleven years we have been on holiday at Easter with my cousins from my mum’s side of the family… this year we are also  on a family holiday with cousins from my dad’s side. My cousins live in Scotland so we decided Yorkshire was roughly halfway between the two homes and as we fancied a seaside holiday, the Whitby area seemed ideal and a holiday cottage in  a little village just outside of the fishing town, called Sandsend seemed ideal.

We had been to Whitby years years ago and all I remembered was the abbey on the hill, the fishing quay and the Magpie fish and chip shop, famous world-wide for its fish and chips! For people who know the Dracula story Whitby is where the Count arrived in England, bounding ashore from a beached vessel in the form of a large dog.

We arrived at Sandsend which is an utterly delightful little village along the coast, and our accommodation was right on the sea front in a large cottage. We were right opposite the North Sea! It couldn’t be better! Our cousins were waiting on the doorstep for us, with a jug of Pimms and gin and tonic, what a wonderful welcome! Cheers to a great holiday!

DSCF3666View across the bay from Whitby Abbey to the little village of Sandsend, our cottage is one of the white buildings

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