Britain BC

Britain BC is a book written by enthusiastic doctor of archaeology, Francis Pryor. I first came across Francis as many people have, on Time Team; at first I thought his almost over-the-top performance was because he was on TV, but having seen him many, many times since, I think he is just endearingly and wildly keen on his subject. His enthusiasm is infectious, you can’t help but be carried along by his gusto he is just so passionate about ancient history and the archaeology which explains and unravels it.

I’ve been reading his big book, Britain BC and it’s like having Francis sitting beside me, or sitting on the edge of the bed, or even in a hospital waiting room. He writes as he is, great galumphing and zealous! He’s wonderful. His book is well written and fascinating, and a real page turner, even when he is discussing Neolithic tools and weapons, or climate change 10,000 years ago.

On looking for him on youtube, I fin that he made a programme called ‘Britain BC’, how did I miss it! Now I’ve found it I’ll be catching up with it, and you can too:



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