Dog oil

There is a story I have heard that there was a teacher who became so fed up with teaching that he decided to give up and find some other job, any job. His wife suggests he joined her to work for her father who manufactured Dog Oil.

Dog Oil, no, it is not oil made from dogs, just the opposite; I believe it originated as an oil to help dogs, particularly racing dogs such as greyhounds and whippets. It was some sort of herbal compound which trainers, breeders, fanciers and hunters would rub on their dogs joints to make them supple and ease any aches and pains. Now maybe, one of those trainers, breeders, fanciers and hunters noticed that since he  using dog oil on his dog, his own arthritic hands were much improved; maybe he tried rubbing it on other aching parts such as his knees… at some point, someone made the switch from dog oil for dogs to dog oil for people… and so a business was born!

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