Get out of my way!!!

There is a Gromit trail round bristol, Gromit the star of the Wallace and Gromit films, created by Nick Parks. There are dozens of larger-than-life Gromits around the city and people are trailing around looking for them. I’m not one of those people, but I have seen a couple of them and taken photos… or should I say, tried to take photos.

I spotted this one in Bishopston and had a clear view across the road to take a photo… I didn’t want to be too close, I wanted him to be in context.

DSCF3992What?! Could you not see me taking a photo?

DSCF3990Dang! Wretched car!

DSCF3991Stupid kid on bike!

DSCF3993You’re my husband! What did you think I was doing pointing the camera? Yes, I was pointing at that Gromit you’re looking at!


      1. lmjapan

        Oh, you’re kidding me! I should collect at least 1 model cow to remind me of that time I went to New York. Then again, that trip was taken with an ex-boyfriend so maybe not!


    1. Lois

      Bristol is a fantastic city! There is SO much in it! We found a little area on Monday which was full of tiny streets and steep steps, wonderful… unfortunately it was Bank Holiday Monday so all the little shops were closed!


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