Overheard on a plane…

Although I am a parent, and a great ones for family, I have to confess that I sometimes find other people’s children annoying; my heart sinks if there are noisy children on  transport with me when I’m trapped and have to endure hours of screaming, wailing, running about, shrieking – and that’s just the parents I’m talking about!

However, there are some children who are delightful and such a one was a small boy behind us on a plane journey; he was sitting with his father who worked very hard to keep him entertained – and I don’t mean singing to him in a loud silly voice, nor telling the whole of the cabin about the book the child was reading, nor continually placating the young person by giving into whatever whim he demanded. No, the dad spoke in a normal dad voice, and had plenty of quiet things with him to entertain his son; towards the end of the flight, the good little boy did get a bit weary and so started asking his dad questions… for such a young lad he was very intelligent and interested in everything, and his dad, being a good kind dad explained everything the little boy asked… until came this question, which reduced all around to fits of laughter.

“Daddy…. why is the sky?”

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