Wanting to go to Iceland


I follow lots of blogs about Iceland ever since I went there last year; I was only there for a short time but it made a great impression on me, and I intend to go there again… one day! When I’m rich and famous then it will be top of my list, but until then I’m saving my pennies.


hanging rocks at Reynisfjara beach

I visited at a gloomy time of year, February, and although the weather was not too cold, quite mild in fact, it was damp and misty so we didn’t see the Northern Lights, and some of the scenery was obscured by low cloud… it didn’t matter! What I saw was breath-taking. Because we were there such a short time we couldn’t venture very far but we did part of the Golden Circle, a circular route which takes in some remarkable sites; we saw the amazing waterfall at Gullfoss

Gullfoss Waterfall 6

and went along the valley of  Haukadalur, where we visited  Geysir and Strokkur


to see the geysers! We also saw the huge and very beautiful volcanic crater of Kerið .

The fabulous colours of Kerið

A place which made a great impression on me was Akranes, a small town not too far from Reykjavik, a fishing and shipping town which we visited in a snowstorm.

There must have been some sun, look at the shadows!

We had meals at a couple of restaurants, including one which was Viking-themed… I wasn’t looking forward to it particularly but we had a great night and the food was wonderful… typically Icelandic which might not appeal to some people or vegetarians, but I though was superb!

Alli our guide in the ice cave

It was a brief visit, but an unforgettable one!



  1. Alison

    I know just how you feel. My husband and I were there last summer and loved it. It seems like I just can’t get enough of Iceland, and I would go back in a heartbeat if there weren’t so many other new places to go, too!


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