It’s all gone a little flat…

I have been making amazing progress with my new story about a family in search of its roots… but suddenly tonight, I’m floundering… I just don’t seem to be able to get going at all and I feel as if my story is getting a little… boring! I am suddenly wondering why anyone would possibly want to read it as there I so little action in it.

The main character tells of his genealogical discoveries… and at first that was quite interesting I thought; a man seemed to have arrived in Essex from nowhere in the 1830’s and eventually he was identified as a Polish or possibly Ukrainian soldier who had jumped ship at Harwich. The next twenty years or so of his life saw him moving from place to place with his ever increasing family, reflecting in my fiction the sort of thing which happened to may people in rural England in the nineteenth century. Now he has arrived in a town and has a pub; he also has ten children, which was quite common in those days. Now comes the chore of following the lives of the children, and their children, and even their grandchildren… and although I have taken short-cuts, I’ve kept a couple as unmarried, another might emigrate, another might die young, there are still an awful lot of descendants… and I’m afraid it is getting a little stodgy. It’s becoming repetitive, and although that is what it would be like for anyone really researching their family, to read it in fiction it is just… boring.

However… now is the time as a writer I must not wobble. I must press on, work through this and when I come to edit it when the whole thing is finished, then I’ll be able to refine it and adjust it and prune it into an interesting shape. I mustn’t lose heart! I must keep on writing! I can do it, I know I can!

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