I borrowed a face…

When  I started thinking about my novel,Radwinter, about a family of brothers, I had four of them very clearly in my mind; the oldest was severe and contained, a handsome man but in a scary way, gaunt, blue-eyed, a piercing stare… not a man to be trifled with but if he was on your side you would have little to fear. The second man, who could be recognized as his brother but with a broader face, who would smile more easily and reveal perfect teeth, but like a shark, those perfect teeth could bite. He too had the piecing, unwinking, all-seeing stare. The third brother, more of a hippy type, seemingly laid back and happy-go-lucky with an easy smile and crinkling eyes. The youngest brother, the sweetest one, had the same observant eyes but he would see the good and he would be kind.

I could see them all clearly, and then suddenly, the third brother disappeared and a new, much younger brother joined the family. He was very different in every way; he was plump… well almost fat, his eyes were hazel or maybe grey, and some people took him to be a fool because he seemed so obliging, giving way and conceding to everyone… but anyone who might think he was like that would be very mistaken.

As I have mentioned before, I was inspired by real people for the looks of my characters, although as I write they change and alter as they develop. The inspiration for my character Thomas Radwinter is the Danish actor and director, Nicolas Bro… so thank you, Nicolas, for giving me my character, I don’t suppose he is the least like you really!

I don’t understand a word of it but…

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