Looking back… April, May, June…

As usual the family went on holiday together, three generations and about thirty of us, down in Devon. The house was very cold, but that didn’t cool our spirits and as usual we had great fun,lots of adventures, lots of lovely meals, too much cake, not enough sausage rolls (six dozen don’t go very far… especially when made by Carolyn’s sister Debbie, using Powter’s sausage meat!) plenty of wine flowed… but best of all was being in each other’s company!

I think this will be the holiday matt doesn’t forget… you’ve heard of fisherman’s tales, now see the true story”

matt's fish (8)

Another joyous family celebration, and a time for big hats and fancy footwear! My dear cousin and friend, Diana married the man of her dreams, her true love!Photo0240

The world turns on a tun of beer… so I’ve heard, and we went to the fount of wonderful beer, situated on the River Otter, Otter Brewery!Photo0272

You can never spend too much time in the company of dear friends… here we are in Birmingham…DSCF3151… to see this man singing with the Mavericks, Raul Malo…DSCF3163

Our annual holiday in our favourite country, can you guess where it is?img037

Always happy to be with our dear, dear friends, celebrating anything… on this occasion it was their ruby wedding anniversary!DSCF3222

Another family holiday! With Elsdens this time, up in Yorkshire, staying in Sandsend, where the younger cousins got to know each other again, not having met for about eleven years!DSCF3561

I studied archaeology on a course run on-line by Brown University… it was called ‘Archaeology’s Dirty Little secrets’ and it was amazing… I learned so much!DSCF3935

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