Eating fried eggs

I’ve noticed that people have different ways of eating a simple fried egg; I remember the way my dad would eat his. It would sit on his toast and he would chop it up into little bits, mixing the yolk and white, then he would sprinkle it with salt and pepper and a dash of Worcester Sauce (Lea and Perrins’) and the he would eat it… my sister and I would always ask for ‘a bite’,and he would cut a little square of toast and egg and it was delicious! If we had our own fried egg it would never taste the same as ‘the bite’ no matter ow carefully we tried to copy the way dad attacked his.

People ‘dress’ their fried eggs in different way, salt, black or white pepper, sauces of various sorts, Worcester, tomato, HP… Some people just work their way from one side of the toast to the other, having random bites of white or yolk, and not minding if the yolk spills across the plate; some people take an edge of toast and dip it in the yolk, eating all the yellow and finishing with the white and the rest of the toast. Some people don’t like the white so it is cut off and discarded on the side of the plate. I’ve noticed some people do a version of my dad’s method, either having larger pieces or almost mashing the egg.

Now, the way I eat my egg on toast… I sprinkle it with ground pepper (I also have a grinder with spice and chilli in !!) and rock salt, no sauce of any kind. I start by cutting the crusts of the toast off and eating them with bits of white, gradually moving nearer and nearer to the yolk. When most of the white has gone I cut off a piece of toast and dip it into the yolk, making sure it is completely covered before I eat it. Then I gradually move in on the yolk,, taking care not to spill any on the plate, and having a last mouthful of crispy toast gone soggy (different from soggy toast) and egg yolk, with a little of the white underneath.

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