Looking down

We were in one of my favourite cities, Birmingham today; for the first time we wandered away from the centre and went down into the area known as the Jewellery Quarter. As you might guess it is the area which for over two hundred and fifty years has been the place where jewellers, smiths, gem merchants and businesses to do with the manufacture of jewellery have resided and worked. There are over two hundred listed buildings in the area, and a Georgian square with St Paul’s church in the centre of it.

We were a little short of time so we just found where the area was, looked round quickly, so we knew where to come next time we visited. The detail of the buildings was wonderful, the care taken over window frames, doors, gutters, pipes, brickwork… we certainly look forward to spending some time there!

As we were hurrying away, we glanced down at the pavements we were walking on. They were brick or stone ‘setts’, but beautifully patterned and detailed. What pride there must have been in the city, what pride the business men of the time must have had in their surroundings, that even the pavements which were trodden upon were beautiful!


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