Time to sample the sloe gin?

Every year in May, our pub, the Dolphin has a sloe gin contest… not how much of it you can drink, but how good your own brew is. We’ve never remembered to make any to enter the competition, but last autumn we went out and found just enough sloes to make about half a pint. My parents used to make it, thick and dark like rich port; my aunty and uncle also gathered sloes, infused them in gin with a little sugar, but theirs was paler and lighter.

Sadly neither my parents nor my aunty and uncle are still with us so I have no-one to ask about the recipe. I looked up the quantities and prepared it accordingly, but I have a feeling another year I might increase the proportion of sloes… I think my version will be more like my aunty and uncle’s than my parents.


Maybe tonight should be the night we sample it… what do you think?



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