No whimpering, please…

I’m on the last chapter of my novel, Radwinter… and it seems to be dribbling to a conclusion. It’s not the sort of novel which could finish with gunfire, or a rescue, or an unexpected declaration of love… it is much more a story of ordinary, anyone’s life with the usual family complications and heartbreaks which anyone might have. I hope I will keep my readers engaged by the main character’s search to trace his family roots, and the final twist will be on the last page, but in order to tie up all the plot lines so no-one is left wondering ‘well, what happened to so-and-so?’ ‘why did s/he do/say that in chapter one?’ ‘who really is Eddy the Red?’ I’ve had to complete certain story-lines… and because this is an ordinary life I’m describing, so the conclusions have to be realistic and believable. This, however, means that I’ve had to write some important scenes and fit them into the plot before I get to the end… I really do not like epilogues, that seems a cheat to me… to have a last chapter which says ‘and one year later, they were married, lived in the Dordogne and ran a chicken farm with the proceeds of the sale of the treasure they discovered…’

However… however… I fear that my novel might just fade away, ending with a lot of whimpering and not a satisfying bang! Being realistic, though, this is only the first draft, I did only start writing it on November 1st, and now as I approach 130,000 words, I have lots to play with and plenty of time to try and get it right, especially the non-whimpering conclusion!


  1. Ali Isaac

    Hehe! You’re not selling it to me here, Lois! Of course, they could all wake up and find it was all only a dream…

    Seriously though, “dribbling to a conclusion”? I doubt it. You’re just doing what any good artist does now that you’re approaching the end; you’re looking at it with critical eyes, and wondering is it good enough. You’ll know, and do what you have to do to make sure it is.

    I can’t help thinking you’re onto a winner here. Shows like ‘Who do you think you are?’ have piqued our interest in our family roots and the lives our ancestors lived. Good luck with it!


    1. Lois

      Thank you very much, Ali… it actually has been one of the most enjoyable things I’ve written… combining several interests, genealogy, my own family, and writing!
      I hope to finish tonight… fingers crossed, and then the hard work begins… editing!


      1. Lois

        It’s been much easier with something which is current… the previous novels I edited were a few years old… with this one, I am more up-to-date with myself if you know what I mean… my style has definitely changed since the earlier ones! I’m just so excited about the whole thing that it’s going well… at least, I hope it is!


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