Bamboozle… what sort of word is that?

Bamboozle is a wonderful word, it sounds so nice, is great to say and it so perfectly defines a whole sentence worth of meaning in itself.


  •  to cheat
  • to mislead
  • to confuse
  • to deceive
  • to get the better of by underhandedness
  • to hoodwink
  • to perplex
  • to mystify
  • to practice trickery by deception
  • to conceal one’s true motives especially by elaborately feigning good intentions to gain an end
  • to kid
  • to skin
  • to trick
  • to fool
  • to take in/ to take in by elaborate methods of deceit
  • to con
  • to stiff
  • to sting
  • to mislead
  • to rip off
  • to thwart
  • to deceive
  • to fleece
  • to hoax
  • to defraud
  • to dupe
  • to beguile
  • to gull
  • to delude
  • to swindle
  • to stitch up
  • to victimize
  • to double-cross
  • to diddle
  • to take for a ride
  • to do the dirty on
  • to bilk
  • to pull a fast one on
  • to cozen
  • to puzzle
  • to stump
  • to baffle
  • to bewilder
  • to confound
  • to befuddle
  • to flummox
  • to nonplus
  • to frustrate
  • to throw off thoroughly or completely
  • to beguile
  • to bluff
  • to buffalo
  • to burn
  • to catch out
  • to fake out
  • to gaff
  • to gammon
  • to gull
  • to have/have on
  • to hoax,
  • to hornswoggle
  • to humbug
  • to juggle
  • to misguide
  • to misinform
  • to mislead
  • to snooker
  • to snow
  • to spoof
  • to string along
  • to sucker/ suck in
  • to put on
  • to tease
  • to bleed
  • to chisel
  • to diddle
  • to euchre
  • to flam
  • to fleece
  • to gyp
  • to hustle
  • to mulct
  • to rook
  • to shortchange
  • to skin
  • to squeeze
  • to stick
  • to sting
  • to swindle

I have searched and searched, but nowhere can I find the origin of the word, except that it was first noted in the eighteenth century. Looking at the enormous list of definitions, above, it is no wonder at all that people leaning English get stumped/perplexed/baffled/confused… etc, etc!!

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