You find Mavericks everywhere!

We had a lovely day in Birmingham, visiting a superb exhibition in the art gallery, looking round the museum, taking lunch there… we wandered to the Symphony Hall, admiring the wonderful new library on the way, we sauntered through to the Gas Street basin and wandered along by the canals. It was a gorgeous day (does it ever rain in Birmingham?) and there was plenty to see, and plenty to photograph. apparently there are more canals in Birmingham than Venice… I’ve only been to Venice once, when I spent a week there… and whatever it is that appeals to people about the old Italian city passed me by… I prefer Birmingham! I like living by the sea, but if I couldn’t do that, then it would be a hard choice between Manchester and Birmingham for where I would like to live!

DSCF6175 Crossing over the canals, walking by the still water… oh my goodness! You just cannot get away from the Mavericks!DSCF6182


    1. Lois

      We’ve meant to do that several times, Rhys, but we have actually located it now… we rushed down, saw where it was, then rushed back! Where in particular would you recommend we visit… the church in the square looks very beautiful in the brief glimpse we had of it!


      1. Rhys Jones

        Yes, the church is well worth visiting and be sure to go inside. Also there are two graveyards in the area, both worth a look. Then find a coffee shop or pub!
        I have some photos on my blog. Search for Birmingham and also for Jewellery Quarter.
        Did you manage to get inside the new library? It is an amazing building. There are a few photos on my blog 🙂


  1. Peter Bull

    I’ve never heard that claim before so I just looked at a map of both cities and, no, there really aren’t more canals in Birmingham than in Venice. Every single non-pedestrian road in Venice is a canal, but Birmingham only has half a dozen or so transport waterways that feed and circle the fringe of the old city centre, and none right in the heart of it that I could see. Being much bigger in area than Venice, Birmingham might be able to claim there are more total miles of canal in Greater Birmingham than there are on the main island of Venice, but that’s like saying Alice Springs has more roads than central London, because it’s a million miles from anywhere and the few roads in and out of it are really long. Now, Amsterdam, on the other hand…


    1. Lois

      Thanks! I’ve always wondered if it was actually true! There are a lot of canals and waterways in Birmingham though… we were walking along and there was a little metal plate set into the path saying there were canal tunnels, miles and miles of them, right beneath our feet! Next time we go to Birmingham I’d like to go on a canal trip… and maybe I should try Venice again… Bari has never been there!


      1. Peter Bull

        I’m sorry you managed to resist the slightly shabby charm of my all-time favourite city when you first went there. It took a day or two for Venice to work its magic on me the first time. You should definitely take Baz there – and not a day trip, you need to wander for a while, it’s fascinating when you get to know it a bit.

        As for the subterranean canals… Brisbane’s got some of them, but I think we call them sewers here.


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