Lentil soup tomorrow

We’re starting on a money diet tomorrow… we’ll be raiding our stock cupboard not our piggy bank, so to get in the groove of thinking financially slim, I’m going to make some soup. I love lentils and beans, I can’t resist the look of them, all round and smooth and shiny so I have bags and bags of them just sitting waiting.

My husband likes soup for lunch every day… well, he will have soup, and tomorrow he’ll have lentil soup. it’s been such miserable weather it will be just right to warm us up and make us feel virtuous because of how cheap it is!

lentils are edible pulses of the legume family, and they have been nourishing humans since earliest times and in fact they were one of the earliest crops eve grown by early people. They are quite hardy and tolerate drought, so they are particularly useful in countries which have problems with water shortage (not in our part of the world at the moment, where once again whole swathes of countryside are flooded)

Lentils come in a variety of colours, and there are many different sorts sizes and shapes, Spanish, French lentils, green/ black/yellow/tan/golden/blue and red lentils, red chief, Eston green, Richlea , Laird, masoor and Macachiados from Mexico… and many more. They are very high in protein, and many other dietary benefits including being high in iron! They are good for your heart, they are high in fibre, and may help to lower cholesterol! how healthy we shall be when we’ve had our soup!


  1. david lewis

    I love soup of any kind, especially in the dead of winter. We put capalettis in all our soups. They give you something to chew on and fill you up. I hope I spelled them right but you know what I mean.


    1. Lois

      Since I’ve somehow found the secret of soup, I love making it… and eating it! I had to look up capalettis… they sound good, do you make them or buy them? I’m going to investigate!


  2. david lewis

    We buy them locally. There is a large italian population in our town and we get a lot of cooking ideas from them. We also use tortellinis which are about the same except for the shape. They are essentially pasta filled with meat. Add them to the soup fifteen to twenty minutes before serving and make sure they are eldente not soggy. You will be a hit in the kitchen for sure Lois and they will give your guests something to chew on he he he!


    1. Lois

      I must get some! We don’t have many Italian people in Weston where I live, but a lot of Greek and Polish people… I’m sure I could find some in the supermarket though… and I have seen a recipe for them… do you think I am brave enough to try to make them?


  3. david lewis

    You have to make a pasta dough first then spice and cook the ground beef or pork. Then when the meat cools put about a teaspoon full on a piece of dough, fold it over and crimp the edges. Nuttin to it Lois and I’m sure yours will be great.


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