Loose ends…

Loose Ends is a BBC radio programme; I used to listen to it regularly, but as with many things, either I changed or it did, and it no longer seems as amusing as it once did… It’s still very good, but I just don’t listen any more.

Loose ends… I’m going through my  novel now, tidying up loose ends: I started writing Radwinter on November 1st as part of the national Novel Writing Month challenge, and I finished it about a week ago. There hasn’t been as much editing as I usually do, maybe I’m a better writer now… or is that immodest? Certainly I am a much more experienced writer now!

The story hangs together very well; when I wrote my previous novels I had a day job so I had to squeeze a few hours in before and after work and sometimes there were interruptions. Radwinter was written over two months, pretty continually, even on Christmas Day and New Year’s Day! However, on editing it now, I notice that some things are missed out (as if I assumed my readers could see inside my head) or not followed up – a reference is made or something happens and is never referred to again.

So things I need to check:

  • who was Emma/Emily kissing in the cupboard – and did her husband ever find out?
  • where does John live?
  • is the building where Thomas works described sufficiently?
  • do the café and the Armenian restaurant need names?
  • how did Thomas feel the day after he got involved in a fight with some boys who were attacking an old tramp?
  • how old was Marcus when he became a vicar?

… and so it goes on! Checking, rechecking, revising, and maybe rewriting!


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