Music at the Dolphin

So at 10:15 we decide to wander down to the Dolphin. We’ve been on an economy drive so we haven’t been down for quite a few days… so we put on our coats and shoes and off we go. There is a lovely three-quarter moon in the sky, almost apricot in colour, and we think that there may be a frost later.

It’s Monday night, and although the first Monday of the month is folk night, it seems that any other Monday is when people bring their instruments down and just jam. So there are Chris and Clive with their guitarists, Terry has wandered away to see how the poker players are doing but left his guitar, Gordon is there – he has only fairly recently bought a guitar but he is having a go, there’s a girl whose name I forget with her fiddle, Mick is there and unusually he hasn’t brought his mandolin but a guitar… and Pat, Pat has a 12 string guitar, yellow and with a beautiful sound!

We get our drinks and have a chat with Alice, and then sit down and chat with various of the musicians while the music is playing, we catchup with Terry’s news, and talk to Mick about Ireland, and then Nigel wanders down as the poker has finished and we have a natter to him. Pat comes over and tells us about his new blond (not yellow) twelve string guitar, we say goodnight to the fiddle player… we have another drink… and then we go home.

The stars are barely visible, it has clouded over and the moon is fuzzy, the stars barely visible. I don’t think there will be a frost tonight…

Back home and settle down for a busy day, teaching, French conversation, jazz workshop, band practice tomorrow…

A great night at the Dolphin.


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