Reviewing and revising

I have pretty much decided that I will publish Radwinter on Kindle; so the editing is all down to me! I have checked it over and over, I have read it out loud to myself, my husband has read it and found a few errors and things which weren’t clear (he also called it a page-turner!!) and now I have downloaded it onto my own Kindle and I’m reading it  through as my readers would… and it’s amazing how many tiny errors become apparent when you do that! Seeing what I have written in a different format distances me from it and I can see it more objectively; also as it will be read on a Kindle it enables me to see how it looks on the page. It is a story about genealogical research, and so sometimes I have included a family tree… which does not quite work properly on an e-book page.

I don’t want to over-edit it because I think it has a very strong ‘voice’ and I don’t want to iron that out or lose it by too much polishing; I want it to sound fresh and immediate.

If all goes well, then it should be available on February 14th, yes a Valentine’s gift! You are the first to know my proposed date!! If you do buy it and read it, I will be most grateful for any comments and helpful criticism!


  1. bflyzone

    Congrats on the book! It’s always fun to publish your babies. What I like to do, because I too am my only editor, is get the novel perfect, let it sell for a few months, proofread it again, and update. I find sometimes your early readers will tell you exactly where your errors are. Yea? You’re always going to have errors, and there are a ton of people who won’t care and will keep on reading. Those who won’t, who needs them? You’re an entertainer, not a grammar nazi. Have fun!


    1. Lois

      Thanks – you are right about early readers, but they have always bee kind and helpful… and mentioned mistakes and errors in a nice friendly way! I have one friend in particular who is quite ‘critical’ but in a helpful way, and with this latest book I’ve actually changed the ending because I imagined what she might say, and I think it is much better for that!
      Do you publish on Kindle?


      1. bflyzone

        Yes, I have a few Kendle books. It’s been a mostly positive experience, but I don’t really make a lot of money. You really have to market yourself though. I’ve been so busy.


  2. mariathermann

    Well done and all the best with the book launch. If you can, get somebody unrelated to you to proofread & edit, for the people who love you and know you well, will understand what you mean, even if what you’ve written it isn’t all that clear to the “general public”. Don’t count on reviewers telling you what mistakes you made – they might just mark you down as a “sloppy author” without actually telling you so. A bad or unenthusiastic review on Kindle/Amazon can cause quite a lot of damage long-term.

    You can also publish/sell ebooks at and, which will give you massive exposure and a chance to get into libraries.


      1. mariathermann

        With bookrix you get into 60 different e-book stores and, if I’m not mistaken, into the German national libraries (it’s a German company). Scribd is the largest online subscription library on the planet. Be sure to publish some freebies (short stories are good for that), so people can test your writing and make sure you set how much they can preview of your novel, for Scribd are naughty and allow readers to view as much as 20%, if you don’t change it. Good luck.


      2. Lois

        Thank you… I think I’ll stick to Amazon for this next one, but then seriously investigate them later… I have looked at the sites and I think I need to properly study what they offer. Do you publish on either of them? Can you publish on both and Kindle as well, do you know?


      3. mariathermann

        I publish on scribd, Amazon and Kindle. Experts say that the overwhelming majority of self-published authors do not sell more than 200 copies of their books. I don’t know anyone whose sold more than a few copies with Kindle and Amazon. Try selling via Smashwords, Barnes & Noble, Google Books and the aforementioned outlets. You probably won’t see much result from Amazon or Kindle.


      4. Lois

        I must have been lucky then – I haven’t sold millions but I’ve sold a fair few on Kindle – thanks so much for the suggestions, I really appreciate it! I’ll let you k now how I get on… it’s so difficult without a publisher behind you, isn’t it?!


      5. mariathermann

        most publishers these days don’t really bother to help their authors anyway – you are responsible for your own marketing and promotion, brand building etc, – in other words, you might as well self-publish and get the max. in royalties!

        As a children’s writer I find it’s virtually impossible to make money with Amazon and Kindle (author friends also aiming at this market have reported the same). Kindle and Amazon don’t allow us accurate categorisation for our respective age groups so it’s really a waste of time being on there.

        Hopefully, I’ll do better when I eventually get round to publishing my murder mystery for grown-ups.


      6. mariathermann

        And not just on the self-publishing front! Some publishers take on writers who clearly don’t even know the basics and their novels are full of typos, plot holes and howling factual errors because the author could neither be bothered to proofread, edit or research their chosen subject.


      7. Lois

        Oh don’t get me started on that!!!! You are so right! Even with some well-known authors you find dreadful errors, factual, grammatical, and as you say, plot holes big enough to disappear into!


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