Enough rain?

Over the last few years, periodically we have been threatened by drought here in the British Isles; just two years ago there was a real fear that we were going to suffer a severe and very damaging drought with water shortages,, stand-pipes in the street, and farmers, their crops and their live stock at serious risk. Between April 2010 and March 2012 England and Wales suffered one of the worst droughts since the beginning of the twentieth century, lasting twenty-four months. The worst drought was between August 1947, to September 1949 when there were 27 months without sufficient or significant rain.  It seems unbelievable now, and you have to wonder if the amount of rain we’ve had over the last two winters has stocked us up with enough to last for a few dry seasons… we need a dry season! Oh and glancing out of the window I see it has started to rain again.

Records show that December 2013 was the sixth wettest on record for the UK and the wettest ever that has been measured in Scotland. January which has just passed was the wettest in southern England since 1910, and that was when rainfall was first begun to be recorded. So having all these millions of gallons falling, has this built up sufficient stock in the aquifers to keep us going through any future droughts… you feel as if it must do, surely we can never want for water again? Well, it may take up to a year for water levels to return to ‘normal’, but if next winter is very dry, then yes, we might have a drought!

I’m sure we all hope that this constant rain will stop, really we have had ENOUGH! But no… forecasters predict more rain throughout February… maybe they should take up growing rice on the Somerset levels…


To read about droughts:




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