The many names of the pigeon pea…

DSCF6024Toor dahl is my new favourite lentil – or is it a legume, or is it a pea… or is a pea a legume? I hastily looked it up and found it has so many other names:

  • pigeon pea
  • kardis
  • gandule bean
  • tropical green pea
  •  kadios
  •  Congo pea
  •  gungo pea
  •  gunga pea
  •  fio-fio
  •  mgbụmgbụ
  • no-eye pea
  • arhar dal
  • togari bele
  • thuvaram paruppu
  • kandi pappu
  • mbaazi

Whatever you call it, it originates from India and has been  eaten, and no doubt enjoyed since neolithic times! One recipe I came across was quite simple, to cook it in salted water with turmeric, ginger, mango powder and garam masala, and then serve it with a simple curry (ghee, cumin seeds black mustard seeds, red chilli powder ,  bay leaves and asafoetida) and tomato, courgette and string beans.

There’s an interesting site with lots of useful photos here:

I think I might just cook it as I cook any split peas, and then make guess what – soup!


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