Five more days!

It’s five days until my novel ‘Radwinter’ will be available on Amazon… and the nerves are increasing. I woke in the night thinking that maybe it is too long, maybe I need to cut stuff out, maybe it’s repetitive… but in the morning my faith is restored; it is as it is and although I am doing some last-minute checking it is really just making sure as far as I can that there are no obvious errors in spelling, punctuation, grammar, no typos, and that it is set out as I want it, and the best that I can make it.

Editing your own work is so difficult – a sort of word blindness descends and the most obvious mistakes become invisible; I read the story out loud, I read it on my Kindle – as it will be for those who get it… but last night reading it over yet again I found Thomas, my main character had written:

I‘m always criticised for being absent-minded and forgetting things, which is why I write everything down… except I don’t I write things down, I start writing but then wander off into writing something else and get involved in what I’m writing, not what I was trying to remember.

Where did that extra ‘I’ come from? How many times must I have read that and neither seen it nor heard it when I was reading it aloud? Grrrr! Back to the text, eagle-eyed for any other mistakes!


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