And now Bridgwater is at risk…

bridgy feb (37)I posted this photo a few days ago, commenting on the amount of silt and vegetation which had grown along the River Parrett in Bridgwater – you can clearly see how it is so silted along the sides which used to be where ships moored, that reeds and rushes and other plants have grown… now because of the state of the river, upstream from here, the Somerset levels have flooded and now Bridgwater is also at risk.  There is a wall being built around parts of the town to try and protect it from the rising waters, Dutch engineers and Dutch pumps have been brought from Holland, and the Army is helping out too… a dreadful state of affairs…


    1. Lois

      Isn’t it outrageous?! I’ve seen old pictures of sailing-boats moored along here… no wonder there are so many problems upstream!
      Have you any stories about the river?


    1. Lois

      I think there will be a lot of retrospective blame… going back years and years! I certainly think it will make an impact next time there is an election. Some people will have found favour by their actions… and others certainly have not! As Chris Smith is in the House of Lords his political position is safe… but will he be quietly retired to the back benches? It will be interesting, I think!


      1. Rhys Jones

        I agree. I think Cameron has acted in just about enough time to avoid being overthrown by his own party. But I think the electorate have had enough of the dishonesty and incompetence shown by recent governments. We will either see a very low turnout at the next general election, or the rise of extreme reactionary political groups.


      2. Lois

        You’re right… and it’s very worrying. Personally I think the advent of New Labour was what started the rot…That could have been a turning point for good government, but sadly it wasn’t. I always vote but the parties seem so similar now… Very worrying


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