Counting down!

Tuesday today and only four days until my new book, Radwinter will be published for Kindle and available on Amazon! I am so excited but nervous too; will people like it, is it too long, is there a ghastly gaping plot hole… or some dreadful spelling or grammatical error… But more than that, will my readers like the characters, because this story is about character, more than anything else. Yes there is a strong story line, yes there is some historical content (nineteenth century brick makers and umbrella makers, workhouses and refugees from the Polish Army…) yes there is action (if I’m writing a story there has to be a punch-up sooner or later… and I’m such a peaceful person!!!) and yes it is informative. Above all, though, it is the development of one of the people in the story, in a sense how he grows up, although he is in his thirties. I am also wondering whether this story will make people smile, because there are some funny incidents, well, I hope my readers find them funny… if I say  full-sized fibre-glass reindeer features in some of the later scenes, this might intrigue you, and when you read it, I hope it will amuse you too!

So four days to go… and counting!

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