Broken biscuits – take 2

I wrote a little while ago about not wanting to throw away broken or slightly soft biscuits, and wondered what I could do with them. I think Americans call what I mean by biscuits, cookies. So anyway, I had a tin of soft, broken biscuits/cookies and was wondering how to use them.

I thought I could make a fridge cake but that is so full of calories, butter, chocolate, syrup, biscuits, and then I had the idea of crumbing them and using them as a crumble topping for fruit… and I have done just that. There was a mix of biscuits, including custard creams, digestives, chocolate bourbons, jammy dodgers, plain… but they all went into the blender and got whizzed up.

As usual with me things did not go exactly according to plan; I found a tub of frozen apples from last year’s harvest but on defrosting them discovered they were quinces. Never mind, I put them into a pan over the gas to defrost them… why didn’t I use the microwave? I got distracted and only just rescued the fruit from burning and sticking to the pan… but rescue them I did and they were a little caramelised well, that just added to the flavour.  I smeared a dish with butter, poured in the fruit and then added a good layer of the crumbed biscuits. I put it into the oven medium  oven for about 35 minutes, and the fillings in the biscuits which had all been whisked up melted slightly so the topping became crispy.

I had to say the result was a great success; the sharp aromatic quinces were really nice with the sweet topping… I might even do it with quinces on purpose next time!

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