Familiarity breeds…

Familiarity breeds contempt… which I think is a bit strong; it may breed boredom, and it may breed frustration, but perhaps it should also breed endurance to overcome the irritation with whatever it is, to deal with it, get over it or move on from it… or do something about it, whatever the it is!

I’ve been playing around with an old story of mine which I have revised and rewritten so many times, chopping 25% of it away when I was last looking at it. Last night as I looked at it again, I wondered if it was worth persevering, because, as I found out when I wrote my last book, Radwinter, I have changed as a writer. Should I abandon it? But it would be abandoning an incredible amount of work, and if I’m honest it isn’t that bad, in fact parts of it are very good… I guess I’m just feeling I want to move onwards to actually create the next thing.

However, I know if I do move on and leave this story like an abandoned baby, it will keep nagging at me, like the echoes of the left-behind child, and it won’t leave me, even though I’ve left it. So I think I must grit my teeth and get on with and make it the best piece of writing I can; then when it is out of the way I’ll feel free, and maybe more refreshed to move on. You can’t hurry the brewing process, you must let the ingredients work, so maybe to ensure the next new story I start is good, I need the ingredients to bubble away.

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