If I’m honest I have to say that to a certain extent in the past, with my writing I have fallen a little love with my characters, which is a sin! Of course you have to love your characters and care for them, or at least like them, or even just respect them, but being in love can let you forgive too much and definitely put the rose-coloured specs firmly in place.

As a writer you have to try as hard as you can to be objective and however involved, you have to be able to stand back and stand apart from the relationships and action. If I look at some of my stories I can see I might have been a little indulgent with some characters, allowing them to scene-steal, and maybe unbalancing the novel as a whole… but maybe my readers don’t see that, I hope my readers don’t see that!

In Radwinter, my latest novel, I feel I have some great characters, and I adore them, but I think I feel differently about then from the way I have felt about others. I have been pondering on this, wondering how it has happened, and why it has happened… but I am pleased that it has. As I mentioned before I have been looking at an old story I wrote some time ago, editing it, and reading it objectively now I can see that I had fallen in love with the two main players… which made me write about them in a careless and even soppy and over-wrought way.

The main character of Radwinter who tells the story is a stout young man with a red beard and asthma; I maybe stout but I am not young, not red-haired, don’t have a beard and I am definitely not a man!

DSCF0779Radwinter is available on Amazon



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