Last comment on trumpet blowing!

Yesterday I posted about how proud I was of my friends who have achieved amazing things, as well as being amazing and lovely people, and I included myself in blowing my own trumpet about what I have done… and afterwards wondered whether I was being boastful.

As part of my efforts to promote my new book Radwinter, I have produced some cards which I have given and sent to people and I describe my new novel as ‘the best thing I have ever written’. I actually truly do think that – I am usually very self-effacing, but I really want people to read my work so I decided for once, ‘to blow my own trumpet’!

Radwinter is a story of a family called that, who search for their family history, not by travelling around from place to place in search of their roots, but by using all the internet resources and genealogical sites which are now available. My story follows the search through censuses, archive material and other resources which anyone could do. My story is a total fiction, it does not relate to my own family history and the characters are all from my imagination, however certain aspects are similar. In searching for my family history I am interested in the people and not just their dates of birth, marriage and death. My hero Thomas Radwinter finds that his ancestors travelled thousands of miles, from eastern Europe in the 1830’s to halfway across England; he discovers they worked making bricks and umbrellas, they had pubs and some of them emigrated away from Britain.

Radwinter shows that anyone could trace their family tree, but there is also a story line about the characters in the present; there is a lot of information about food, recipes and cooking, there is romance and there is comedy. I am proud of my work, and I hope that if you read it you will enjoy it and that you will also give me some feedback and comments!

DSCF3718You can find Radwinter on Amazon:

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