In Time

The clocks changed today… we moved an hour forward; it was such a lovely day, full of sun, so it was especially nice to be outside at nearly six o’clock and it still be warm and pleasant… because of course it was really nearly five o’clock.

I was thinking about time, and being in time, and keeping time or being out of time, or not having the time or not having enough time, and wasting time… I’m really good at that! I wrote a short novel many, many years ago, which wasn’t very good, I guess I was practising, and it was called ‘Out of Time’. I see on Amazon that there are five other books already called that, so I won’t be using that title again!

Something I always have time for and is always in time, is the Mavericks’ music; from their CD In Time:



  1. david lewis

    Talking about time where did the saying ( fashionably late) come from. I guess it must refer to the well to do because if I was fashionably late to work I would have been fired.


    1. Lois

      I think the idea of being ‘fashionably late’ is awful – justifying rudeness and being inconsiderate I think…
      I remember being late once in my first teaching job – two years being on time and even early, but then one day late and I was hauled into the head’s office and told off… 😦


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