Tagine time!

I’m busy making a lamb tagine… and next week i will be making a chicken one for our family holiday. Unfortunately the actual tagine dish we have, although so attractive, is rather small… not big enough for nine, let alone twenty-nine hungry people, because, yes, there are  twenty-nine, (29) of us going on holiday to Norfolk.

Back to the tagine… it is a great recipe, a mix of spices including turmeric and sweet paprika (not ordinary and definitely not smoked paprika which to my taste is very, very bitter) cardamom, fennel, star anise, cinnamon… I’m sure there is other delicious things too. There is lamb, and onions, and later prunes and preserved lemons, and herbs… all going into the slow cooker for a few hours. I’m making it well in advance, and then will freeze it, and the freezing seems to increase the flavour – I’ve found this with other spicy things such as chilli or curry. Perhaps a scientist should do a study to find out why this is!


  1. Peri's Spice Ladle

    The tagine looks so good, Lois, I always prefer lamb over chicken for it:) Smoked paprika (albeit bitter I must agree) does really well for Indian kebabs which go on the grill, especially if one desires the color without as much spice…

    Have a great family reunion…reminds me of our childhood ones, which were this huge with so much fun and food!


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