Two pubs

We are so lucky in our village, for lots of reasons, but one of them is that we have two excellent pubs. Our ‘local’ is the Dolphin, being about 100 yards nearer, but also we have always gone in there, our friends are there, and it is a truly excellent pub in every way. Friendliness, good beer, lovely staff, lovely customers… and much more, The Dolphin is a wonderful pub.

The other pub, which is slightly older, is The Ship, and it too is a brilliant pub. We went there tonight because Thursday night in the Ship is quiz night. There were four of us and it was a really different sort of quiz; when we arrived we were given the picture round, ten photos of celebrities to identify. I thought we did really well, but was cross that we failed to recognize Carole King and James Taylor – and I love their music! The questions started, twenty-five general knowledge questions; we usually do fairly well and tonight we were on a roll and got twenty-two right. We had another picture round – ten hats, and eleven names of hats… and we got these all right! Then there was a speciality round, and we did fairly well on that… our downfall was the music round. It was so clever; we had to identify a song and the artist… they were all easily recognizable, Eurythmics, Elvis Costello, James Blunt for example, but the clips were so cleverly chosen that we really did not fare well.

Amazingly we came second and received a bottle of wine! The winning team received a cash prize – half of which went to a charity, the Royal National Lifeboat Institution, which is dear to our hearts as we live by the sea.

What a pleasant and happy evening we had, and how lucky we are to have two such great pubs in our one small village!




  1. Sandra

    Used to live in the North of England. My first story started in my local pub. There were two in my village too. Good luck with your writing. Jealous, miss those pubs.


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