From the Modern Practical Cookery book

This seems rather topical as it is soon to be the world cup football competition taking place in Brazil. This is an old book I somehow acquired, not from my family so I must have bought it probably in a charity shop. I guess it dates from the 1950’s although some of the recipes are doubtless much older…. :

Brazil pudding

  • 9 oz flour
  • 3 oz shelled Brazil nuts
  • 5 oz margarine
  • 1 tsp baking powder
  • ¼ lb sugar
  • ¾ lb apricot or marrow jam
  • 1 egg beaten
  • milk
  1. grind 2 oz of the Brazil nuts to a powder and mix with the flour
  2. cut the remaining ounce of nuts into small pieces and add to the flour with the baking powder and sugar; mix
  3. rub in the margarine
  4. add the beaten egg and as much milk as is required
  5. put half the mixture into a greased pie dish, add the jam and spread evenly, top with the remaining mixture
  6. bake in a moderate oven for about an hour and a half or less
  7. serves 6 – 8

Marrow jam… not many of us have marrow jam, and it’s interesting the way there is such imprecision – ‘milk as required’, a pie dish’ – what size? How deep? made of what?

A moderate oven by the way is about 180°C/350F/gas mark 4



    1. Lois

      I love the idea of your chocolate cigars!
      I was watching a cookery programme last night and for dessert someone made a cigar from chocolate and other things, with crushed dried raspberries for the burning end, and a little pile of crushed poppy seeds for the ash!


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